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1. Avoiding the unintended consequences of catheter-associated urinary tract infection
Farahnak Assadi |  PDF

2. Probiotics versus placebo as prophylaxis in children after the initial episode of non-complicated febrile urinary tract infection
Farahnak Assadi | PDF

3. What is new regarding methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus?
J Conly MD | PDF

4. Ring IPC,An intervention approach to Control Virus Transmission during Outbreak of Ebola: Experience from Liberia,2015
Aniroda Broomand,Alex Gasasira,April Baler,Nuha Mahmoud,Aniroda Broomand,Nathalie Tremblay | PDF

5. Is the User Seal Check a Replacement for Respirator Fit-Testing among Health Care Workers?
Aniroda Broomand,Dr. Ali Shargh,Shiva Latifi | PDF

6. Prevention of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)
Ling Moi Lin |  PDF

7. Oncological liver transplantation
Christian Toso (MD,PhD) |  PDF

8. Outbreak experiences: What are the most important steps to stop the outbreak?
Petra Gastmeier |  PDF

9. Surgical hand preparation |  PDF
Mohamed Abbas

10. Antimicrobial resistance
Walter Zingg |  PDF

11. Hand Hygiene: from local to global,1995-2018
Prof.DidierPittet,MD,MS,CBE. Prof. Pittet Keynote |  PDF

12. Horizontal and vertical strategies to prevent MDRO
Petra Gastmeier |  PDF

13. Infection Control - Past and Future
J Conly MD |  PDF

14. Infections after solid organ transplantation
Mohamed Abbas |  PDF

15. Past,current,and future challenges in infection prevention and control
Didier Pittet (MD,MS,CBE) | PDF

16. Catheter-related infections
Walter Zingg | PDF

17. Robotic Surgery in Urology
CE Iselin (MD) | PDF

18. Surveillance of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)
Ling Moi Lin | PDF

19. Generation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa aerosols during handwashing from contaminated sink drains,transmission to hands of hospital personnel,and its prevention by use of a new heating device
Mohammad Mehdi Attarpour Yazdi | PDF

20. Evaluation of persistent antimicrobial effect of chlorhexidine-based shampoo on human skin to be used for patients before surgeries
Hosna Zare; Kiarash Ghazvini; Alireza Neshani; Reza Kamali Kakhki | PDF

21. Identification of yeast species isolated from bronchoalveolar lavage specimens of high-risk individuals using MALDI-TOF MS
Elnaz Zanganeh; Hossein Zarrinfar,Fariba Rezaeetalab,AbdolMajid Fata,Mohammad Tohidi,Mohammadjavad Najafzadeh,Majid Alizadeh,Mohammadali Ghanbari | PDF

22. Comparative Mutant Prevention Concentration (MPC) Values of Meropenem,Gentamicin,Tigecycline and Ciprofloxacin Tested Against Clinical Isolates of E. Coli (Ec),Serratia spp. (Sp),Acinetobacter spp. (As),Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pa) and Klebsiella spp (Ks)
Shohreh Farshad,J. M. Blondeau | PDF

23. Vaccination
Soltanzadeh MH MD | PDF

24. Community-Acquired Pneumonia,Management,Evidences and Prospect for Antibiotic Stewardship programs
Jafar Soltani | PDF

25. Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Patients with Urinary Tract Infection in Yasuj City in 2016
Abdolkarim Ghadimi Moghadam; Tahmineh Karimi; Mohamad Zoladl; Ali Ghadimi Moghadam; Farokh Farokhnia | PDF

26. Reoccurrence of an acquired post infectious heart disease in north- east of Iran
Mottaghi H,MD; Khalesi M,MD; Heidari E,MD; Hariri F MD | PDF

27. Hazards and health problems associated with air pollution
Sayed Mohammad Hadi Amirian | PDF

28. AdeABC Efflux Pump Associated with Multidrug Resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii Isolates in the ICU of Rasoul Akram Hospital of Tehran in Iran
Hossein Masoumi-Asl; Ali Badamchi; Khadijeh Khanaliha; Mehri Naghadalipoor; Leila Tahernia; Nasrin shayanfar; Azardokht Tabatabaei | PDF

29. Evaluation of hand hygiene among surgeons in Akbar pediatric children’s hospital (Iran)
Reza Shojaeian | PDF

30. Infection rate of extracted implantable ports in hematology oncology pediatric patients
Reza Shojaeian | PDF

31. Strategies to prevention of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever hospital transmission
Maliheh Metanat | PDF

32. Worldwide burden of health care-associated infection
Mohammad Rahim Kadivar | PDF

33. Protect Breast and Breast feeding in Hospital
Khalil Farivar | PDF

34. Comparison of Serum Procalcitonin Level with ESR,CRP and WBC and Blood Cultures in Prognosis of Bacterial Infection in Patients Admitted to Motahari Hospital of Urmia in 1395
Ebrahim Sadeghi,Amir Nasimfar,Mohammad karamyar | PDF

35. Nursing care in febrile and neutropenic patients
Rezaie Parvin | PDF

36. Infection prevention strategies in children with cancer,an updates and review of literatures
Ali Amanati | PDF

37. Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) and Acute Complicated Brucellosis: Clinicopathological Overlap
Ali Akbar Heydari | PDF

38. The effect of treatment on infection control for care of patients with HIV
Ali Mohammad Hosseinpour,Alireza Nezampour,Ehsan Mousa Farkhany,Seyyed Rouhollah Ghiami | PDF

39. Sticky mat: Yes or No?
Hava Abdollahi,Irandokht Mostafavi,Elahe ghayebie | PDF

40. Hospital Disaster Safety Assessment in north eastern of Iran: The Results of MUMS`s Hospitals assessment
Shahram Taherzadeh,Saeed Givechi,Reza Vafaeenejad,Toktam Akbari | PDF

41. The Effect of Influenza Vaccination on Workers’ Absenteeism in Hospital Personnel in Iran
Ehsan Rafeemanesh (MD); Amin Bojdi (MD); Yalda Ravanshad(MD); Zahra Kharaghani (MD) | PDF

42. Legal issues related to infectious diseases
Alireza Ghassemi Toussi | PDF

43. Evaluation of Antibodies to MMR vaccine in children in khorramabad
Sherkatolabbasieh Hamid Reza,Hasanpoor Afsaneh,Anbary Khatereh,Aliepoor Asghar,Shafizadeh Shiva | PDF

44. Importance of hand hygiene
Ali Hosseininasab | PDF

45. Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever and a new differential diagnosis,An experience in south Eastern Iran
Mehrdad Farrokhnia | PDF

46. The roles and responsibilities of health educators in Prevention and control of infection
Nooshin Peyman | PDF

47. Relations between malnutrition and nosocomial infections in children
Seyed Ali Jafari (MD); NiloofarSedghi (MD) | PDF

48. The study of barriers in hand hygiene from the perspective of clinical staff in Taleghani Tabriz Educational Center
Arezo Mehrnia,Behzad Sarvaran Mehram,Reza Radfar,Ahad Eslami,Sagar Salarimehr,Hanieh Asgharian | PDF

49. The effect of continuous restriction strategy in antimicrobial stewardship programs
Arash Seifi,Mohammad Reza Salehi,Seyed Ali Dehghan Manshadi,Esmaeil Mohammadnejad,Azam Ghahan,Akram Affifeh | PDF

50. Injection Safety: What is the correct way to inject Single - Dose/Single - Use and Multi-dose Vials?
Forough Mowla | PDF

51. Prevention of infection in intensive care unit
Ahmad Bagheri Moghaddam | PDF

52. Potential food and waterborne infectious diseases & outbreaks following natural disasters
Fariba Shirvani | PDF

53. Catheterrelated bloodstream infections
Leila Sayadi | PDF

54. The Effect of Educational Programs of Infection Control Standards on Observing Infection Control Standards in Endoscopy Units in Isfahan Medical Centers
Azam Cheraghi,Fakhri Sabouhi,Mohsen Shahriari,Sina mobasherizadeh | PDF

55. Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in pregnancy
AkhlaghiF | PDF

56. Nosocomial infections in newborn infants
Narjess Pishva | PDF

57. Selenium Deficiency and Prevention of Viral Infection
Rahim Vakili. Bahareh Imani | PDF

58. Serious life threatening to the hospitalized patients in a Hospital,Tehran
Mohammad Mehdi Feizabadi | PDF

59. Treatment of Patients with Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever and Preventative Strategies
Batool Sharifi-Mood | PDF

60. Probiotics in Gastrointestinal infections
Mohammad Ali Kiani (MD); Niloofar Sedghi (MD) | PDF

61. Why they don’t use alcoholic hand rubs? Is it alcohol or another cause?
Mehrdad Askarian; Charles John Palenik; Seyed Sadeq Seyed Nematian | PDF

62. Bacterial Sinusitis
Ghabouli Shahroodi MJ | PDF

63. Study on final diagnosis and outcome of children admitted with ESR higher than 100mm/hr in Tabriz children’s hospital
Shahram Abdoli Oskouei ; Mohammad Amin Rezazadehsaatlou ; Babak Abdinia ; Nilourfar Ansari | PDF

64. Influenza Activity in Iran in 2017
Mokhtari-Azad T | PDF

65. Outbreak recognition and investigations using molecular typing
Hassan Ravansalar (PhD) | PDF

66. The burden of health care-associated infection (HAI) in developed and developing countries
Reza Saeidi | PDF

67. The Rational Use of Antibiotics in Children with Urinary Tract Infection (New challenges in UTI diagnostic criteria)
Iraj sedighi | PDF

68. Respiratory precaution in waiting rooms
Roxana Mansour Ghanaie | PDF

69. Incidence and associated factors of Superficial and Deep Post-CABG sternal infection in Mashhad
Hamid Hoseinikhah,Tara Falah,Negar Morovatdar | PDF

70. Compliance rate of hand hygiene in health care workers of Imam Reza hospital,years 1394 - 96
Khosravi N,Ghasimi F,Parhizkar M,Narooei N,Rashid SJ | PDF

71. Study of Drug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in Kermanshah Province,West of Iran
Reza Hatami Moghadam | PDF

72. The role of Infection Control in Resistive Economy
Shapour Badiee Aval | PDF

73. Antifungal effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus as a probiotic strain on Candida Albicans strains
Leila Hosseinzadeh; Arezoo Tahmourespour; Atousa Aminzadeh; Reyhane Jamadi | PDF

74. Optimal hand washing technique to minimize bacterial contamination before neuraxial anesthesia: a randomized control trial
Seyed Ehsan Asadi,Ali Frotan,Ahmad Rahimi,Matin Aghalar-Akram Jamali,Elahe Mohtasham | PDF

75. The Interaction between Nutrition and Infection
Bahareh Imani | PDF

76. A Fluconazole delivery system based on Chitosan (Cs) and Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Blend Films against Candida albicans
S. Parham,Sh. Roudbarmohammadi,F. Ganji,M. Najjari | PDF

77. Best practice of Implementation of the WHO Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy in Aalinasab Hospital
Rahimi S; Mozaffari M; Hamzeh Z; Elmi M | PDF

78. The Study level of Hand Hygiene and its barriers at the Personnel of Ali Ebne Abitaleb Hospital in Zahedan City in 2017
Robabi Hassan; Behmaneshpoor Fatemeh | PDF

79. Evaluating the hand hygiene compliance of Ayatollah Rouhani Hospital in Babol during 2016-2017
Nasirae Ebrahim,Mahichi Fatemeh | PDF

80. A study of hand hygiene compliance and its effective factor in Rajaee Cardiovascular Medical and Research Center
Ansarifar.A; Rostami.M; Bakhshandeh.H; Hamidian.M; Jaafari.O,Nazari.R | PDF

81. In vitro activities of eight systemically active antifungal agents against a national collection of Candida parapsilosis complex isolates
Sadegh Khodavaisy,Hamid Badali,Sassan Rezaie,Mona Modiri,Setareh Agha Kuchak Afshari,Ensieh Lotfali,Jacques F. Meis | PDF

82. Hand Hygiene Compliance Level at Educational Hospital Wards of Mazandaran Heart Center- 2017
Maryam Mirzakhani,lotfollah Davoodi,Afsane Mirzakhani,Reza Kalantari | PDF

83. The sensitivity of Candida species to antifungals isolated from educational hospitals
Simin Taghipour,Ali Zarei Mahmoudabadi,Ali Rezaei-Matehkolaei | PDF

84. The Patterns of Colonization and Antifungal Susceptibility of Candida Isolated From Preterm Neonates in Khorramabad,South West of Iran
Pirouz Kooshki,Ali Rezaei-Matehkolaei,Ali Zarei Mahmoudabadi | PDF

85. Point Prevalence Survey of Antimicrobial Consumption in Adult wards of Nemazee Teaching Hospital,Shiraz Iran
Gholamreza pouladfar,Zahra Jafarpour,Zohre khodamoradi,Amir Hossein Babaei,Maryam poostkar,Moeinodin Abedinirad,Ali Adib,Mohammadali Asadi,Masoud Afrashteh,Parnia Farmanieh | PDF

86. Synthesis and evaluation of colistin-molecular sieves combinations with the goal of reducing bacterial resistance
Zhila Mohseni,Iman Khani,Hamid Reza Mohajerani | PDF

87. Surgical site infection in general surgery: bacterial profile and antibiotic susceptibility
Alireza Rezapanah; Aida Tafazzoli,Zohre Yaghoubi Moghaddam | PDF

88. HCV Contamination of Medicine Instruments in Surgery Department
Mohammad Mehdi Attarpour Yazdi | PDF

89. Proven central line infection in children with immune deficiency post- haematopoietic stem cell transplant,thymus transplant and gene therapy
Zohreh Nademi; Winnie Ip; Claire Booth; Graham Davies; Austen Worth | PDF

90. Effect of training on proper antibiotic prophylaxis before surgery in Payambar Aazam Hospital,Kerman,2017
Leila Moazen | PDF

91. Evaluation of linezolid or cotrimoxazole in combination with rifampicin as alternative oral treatments based on an in vitro pharmacodynamic model of staphylococcal biofilm
Seyed Ehsan Asadi,Ahmad Farhadi,Ahmad Rahimi,Matin Aghalar,Akram Jamali,Elahe Mohtasham | PDF

92. Which pathogen is the worst killer of burn patients?
Majid Khadem Rezaeyan,Seyed Hassan Tavousi,Aida Tafazzoli,Zohre yaghoubi Moghaddam,Ali Ahmadabadi | PDF

93. Swab wound culture in burn patients: How much its results are correlated to blood culture results?
Ali Ahmadabadi,Majid Khadem-Rezaiyan,Seyed Hassan Tavousi,Aida Tafazzoli,Hossein Safari | PDF

94. Assessing the Problems of Hospital Infections Reporting System from the Perspective of Infection Control Team in Sanandaj City’s Hospitals in 2017
Faeze Foruzanfar,Sheida Kheirolahi,Hooman Ghasri,Anoosh Aryanejad | PDF

95. Characterization of Ventilator- Associated Pneumonia (VAP) and bacterial resistance pattern in patients hospitalized at the intensive care unit of Shahrekord hospitals
Fahimeh Nourbakhsh,Samira barangi,Elaheh Tajbakhsh | PDF

96. Evaluation of Prevalence of nosocomial infections and Related factors in Beheshti hospital in Hamadan
P.Rasouli,M. Aieni | PDF

97. Detection of Class I,II and III Integrons in Staphylococcus lugdunensis isolates from hospitalized patients in Shiraz Teaching Hospitals (2015-2016)
Neda Pirbonyeh,Amir emami,Abdollah Bazargani,Seyed Mohsen Hosseini,Bahram Derakhshan,Nilufar Motazedian,Narjes owji,Mitra Zardosht,Maasoomeh shojaee | PDF

98. The use of nanotechnology and nanoparticles for control of clinical infection
Elham Jafarzadeh; Saham Ahleyorof | PDF

99. Incidence of needle stick and sharp injuries among health care workers in Iran
Firoozeh Bairami,Esmaeil Kasani,Manizheh Ghorbanpoor,Amir Bairami,Saeid Pasban Noghabi | PDF

100. Evaluation of UV irradiation disinfecting efficacy under actual conditions in hospitals
Kobra Salimiyan rizi; Kiarash Ghazvini; Hossein Zarrinfar | PDF

101. A survey on the knowledge and attitude of health care workers in Tabriz Sina hospital about influenza vaccine
Fariba Rasti; Behrouz Nakhili,Zahra Mottazid,Fariba Faraji | PDF

102. Investigating the relationship between load and the number of particles in the air of selected sections (delivery block,operating room,CCU,ICUOH,SICU,NICU,angiography) in Razavi Hospital of Mashhad in 2015
Marzeh sadat mousavi; Abbas Shahsavani; Amir Reza KHalighi | PDF

103. Study for monitoring of carbapenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Trends and Interventions from 2010 to 2017 in burn department of Shafa Hospital,Kerman
Zohre Ashraf Ganjooie,Reza SabooryAmlashi | PDF

104. Study of Occupational Exposure among Healthcare Workers
Mahnaz Mohammadpouri,Zhaleh Zeinali,Mohammad Karamiyar,Parvin Mohammadpouri | PDF

105. Microbial load of air in government and private hospitals in Qazvin city,Iran
Mohadeseh Choubdar,Ahmad Nikpey,Faezeh Mohammadi | PDF

106. The survey of knowledge and practice of nurses in standard precautions to prevent nosocomial infections in hospitals of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
Z.Pashaei Nezhad,F.Tohidian,M.Nouri | PDF

107. Survey the prevalence of plasmid-dependent beta-lactamase resistance genes in gram-negative bacteria (Acinetobacter,Proteus,Klebsiella and Escherichia coli) commonly present in Amir al-Momenin Burns Hospital in Shiraz
Moradi Maryam,Emami Amir | PDF

108. Survey Water and Fluid Hemodialysis Microbiological Quality and Risk of Transmission Nosocomial Hospital Infection
Ghodratollah Karami,Khazaei,Ghorbanpour | PDF

109. Evaluation of Evidence-Based Patient Management Standards in the Hospitals Affiliated to Mashhad University of Medical Sciences,Mashhad,Iran
Atousa Ariafar; Ehsan Bolvardi; Ali KhorsandVakilzadeh; BatoolBahrami; Azam Sadat Amini; | PDF

110. Prevalence of urinary tract infections with etiologies other than E.coli in children
Mitra Naseri | PDF

111. The role of the Microbiology Laboratory in Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs
Fereshteh Fani | PDF

112. Healthcare Associated Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic Fever in Iran: A Literature Review
Mostafa Salehi-Vaziri,Mehdi Fazlalipour,Mohammad Hassan Pouriayevali,Vahid Baniasadi | PDF

113. Acute Rheumatic Fever
Abdolreza Malek | PDF

114. Bacterial contamination in liquid soap in a large-sized University hospital in northeast of Iran
Karimi Mahdi; Razieh Amirfakhrian; Roya Qaderi; Mohammad Rahim Sharifi; Mahsa Meserzadeh; Fatemeh Adibian; Fatemeh Naseri; Fatemeh Dolatkhah; Shadi Zeraatkar; Kiarash Ghazvini | PDF

115. Etiological Diagnosis of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Adult Patients: A Prospective Hospital-Based Study in Mashhad,Iran.
Naderi H; Sheybani F; Sarvghad M; Meshkat Z; Jabbari Nooghabi M | PDF

116. Education program on HH: The assessment of a training workshop on the knowledge and attitude of medical students
Tahoura Afshari Saleh,Hosein Zakeri,Mohammad Hassan Aelami,Mohammad Taghi Shakeri | PDF

117. Establishing a Clinical Microbiology Laboratory in Iran: a 26-year Experience
Abdolvahab Alborzi | PDF

118. Role of the Microbiology laboratory in Infection Prevention Program in Hospitals
Gholamreza Pouladfar | PDF

119. Infection control in dental Facilities,special focus on blood-borne infections
Mehdi Norouzi,Kiarash Ghazvini | PDF

120. Influenza Vaccine Coverage before and after of Influenza Vaccination Ceremony among Health Care Workers: Results of a Survey in an Iranian University Hospital
Mobini M,Shojaei Z,Khakshour A,Kianifar HR,Aelami H | PDF

121. The effect of Antibiotic Stewardship targeted against vancomycin and carbapenems in pediatric intensive care unit of Doctor Sheikh Hospital
Mohammadi Farzaneh,Khademi Gholamreza,Afzalaghaee Monavar,Sasan Mohammad Saeed | PDF

122. Comparison of Hand Hygiene compliance in different wards
Mahboubeh Honarmand; Malektaj Yazdan Panah; Neda Movahedi; Mahya Manochehri; Kiarash Gahzvini | PDF

123. Interpretation of Mantoux Test in Children Tuberculosis
Mohammad Reza Boloursaz | PDF

124. Naghmeh Zabolinejad | PDF

125. An overview of Infections related to transplantation
MasoudYoussefi MD-PhD; Sayed Mojtaba Mirsane(BSc) | PDF

126. Overview of Antibiotic Usage and Report of Antibiotics Stewardship in Ghaem University Hospital
Kiarash Ghazvini,Mahboubeh Honarmand,Mostafa Dastani,Mohsen Foroughipour,Armin Rajabzadeh,Melektaj Yazdan Panah,Mahya Manouchehri | PDF

127. The importance of specimen collection and diagnostic methods in the study of viral infection outbreaks
Saeid Amel | PDF

128. Framework of Prevention of Surgical Site Infection
Anahita Sanaei | PDF

129. Use of antibiotics in treating cough
Ali Khakshour | PDF

130. Reza Boland Nazar | PDF

131. Febrile Neutropenia; a new approach
Badiei,Zahra MD | PDF

132. Role of zinc in prevention of infection in children
Nosrat Lotfi,Bahareh Imani | PDF

133. Biological Specimen Collection for Laboratory
F. Fallah | PDF

134. Invasive Fungal Infections in Febrile Neutropenic Patients
Parisa Badiee | PDF

135. Nosocomial infection type and its antibiotic sensitivity in the pediatric intensive care unitMashhad University of medical science Mashhad Iran
Abdolkarim Hamedi; Hashem Lashgari; Nooshin Abdollahpour; Majid Sezavar | PDF

136. Catheter and dialysis infections in pediatric patients: prophylaxis,diagnosis and treatment
Majid Sezavar | PDF

137. Comparison of the microorganisms isolated from the mobile of health care and non-health care workers
Shirin Sayyahfar | PDF